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  The internet site that securely records, stores and generates professional school records and reports, meeting the constantly changing needs of today's private and home school academies!
Produce Professional AcademicRecords
Thanks to®, by Classical Conversations, professional school documents for all your academic needs are just a few keystrokes away. gives you professionally formatted:
  • student records
  • report cards
  • GPA Calculations
  • transcripts
  • immunization record
  • student resume builder including ...
    • extra-curricular activity summaries
    • awards/achievements
    • competitions
    • community service, missions service
    • organizations
    • work experience
    • conduct records
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Low-Cost Total Solution -- Saves Time & Money.
With® the days of purchasing an expensive software program are over! No more databases to build and modify again and again. And costly software upgrades are obsolete! saves you:
  • the time of building your own database, or
  • the cost of owning an expensive record keeping software package,
  • the time of continually re-formatting reports to fit your changing needs, and
  • the time and cost of installing software upgrades year after year.
  • the time to train staff
Risk-Free -- Safe, Secure Data Storage
You have enough to do without the worry of losing all your valuable data to a computer glitch. With the risk of lost files or corrupt backup diskettes is totally eliminated. And, by using this secure, turn-key system to manage all your academic information, you will be able to instantly produce and print professional class records, report cards and transcripts to meet all your administrative needs.® provides you with:
  • Accurate and easily updated records of each course completed, with options for semester, trimester, full year, and summer schedules,
  • Tracking for each course credit or non-credit course completed,
  • Options to assign a letter grade and/or a numeric grade for each course completed,
  • Automatically calculated grade point averages (GPA)
  • A running total of both yearly and cumulative credits earned by each student.
  • Customizable fields to document behavior or learning problems, or other topics of interest and concern.

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Tammy White - Winston-Salem : AR has saved me an incredible amount of time and helped my children gain admission into the colleges of their choice...

Produce Professional Reports for Your Academic and Extracurricular Needs
Now, thanks to®, if your student is looking to transfer between schools, join a team, or apply for a scholarship you can produce academic documents in a moments’ notice. Click the following link to view a sample high school transcript.
With the data you store on the website you have instant access to:
  • Professional transcripts required for college admissions, scholarship applications and even job applications.
  • Report cards to verify grade requirements necessary to participate in competitive sport programs like Pop Warner football and AAU.
  • Transcripts of your students’ course of study and grade proficiencies if transferring between schools,
  • Proof of eligiblity for educational discounts,
  • Optional immunization records, allergy risks, and a brief history of any other pertinent medical concerns,
  • Optional summary of psychological evaluations if needed for enrollment in special assistance programs, and
  • Proof of grade eligibility for Driver’s Licenses® Costs
The unlimited use site fee is just $15 per student per year. After entering and saving Student Registration just click on the Purchase link in the top menu to process your payment with a credit card. Renewal at the end of the year is just as easy.

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