May 1, 2016


            Thank you so much! . . . . . By the way, LOVE this transcript service! I did my eldest son's on my own and it was so much work! Looking forward to my next two with academic records site. :)

            Nance Whitaker

                                                                                                            January 31, 2016


            Thank you for your quick response! I think the Parchment option looks great. . . . . .

            Also, I have been dreading starting the transcript creation process and wanted to say thank you for making it so easy. I was able to create the whole document in one afternoon. I just wish NCAA approval was as easy.

            Laura A. Stoabs

            Attorney at Law

                                                                                                            April 10, 2008


            After someone on this list [HBEC (Home-Based Educators of Charlotte)] wrote about a transcript service recently I checked it out and signed up.

            This is just awesome! For $15 a year subscription, this service creates a transcript by semester or full year, lets you enter grades either numeric or alpha, and calculates the students GPA both by year and cumulatively. The transcript it prints looks very professional, in fact better looking than the transcript my oldest child got from the small school she attended. But most important for me is that it is on a secure server so that if my computer crashes I don't loose everything.

            But if that isn't enough, it also has a resume generator that lets me keep track of all my son's activities, and produces a really professional looking resume. It's great to be able to enter in things as they occur, because I am quite sure that in three years I wont remember the details.

            The whole program is quite simple to use, and you get unlimited copies of the reports. My son has applied for a summer program that is requiring a transcript and I didn't know what to do. I/m not sure who posted this, but I want to say thank you, this is awesome and I never would have known about it if I had not seen it on HBEC!

            Thanks, Carol McKee

                                                                                                            December 2005


Wow!  Academic Records has saved me an incredible amount of time and helped both of my children gain admission into the colleges of their choice.  I have been using Academic Records since it was first established.  Yes, I could have designed my own report cards, and often I did.  However, I knew that a standard format could be very helpful in the college admission process.


            Starting with the local community college, I used Academic Records to create a beginning Middle School and High School grade record.  This made it easier to enroll Brandon, and then Jenna, in the local dual-enrollment program.  The format was easy to read and left no question about the classes and credit they had earned to that point.


            In addition to community college access, it made college admission applications much easier.  I was able to quickly print out a transcript that each college requested.  Until this time, I did not really care about the GPA feature.  However, many of the public universities wanted a weighted GPA (one that gives higher credit for honors, AP, and college classes).  I was quickly able to modify their transcript in order to give each college what they wanted.  Yes, many of the public universities in North Carolina will take the grades that aren’t weighted and calculate a weighted grade for them.  But, whom would you rather have doing that; someone that really has no interest in your student’s future or the educator that has been responsible for his or her academic achievement.  For the White House Christian Academy the answer was clear.


            With the help of Academic Records, Brandon was accepted and given an appointment to the United State Air Force Academy.  He also had verbal acceptance from every admissions department we talked to or who looked at his transcript.  Jenna was quickly accepted into UNC-G.  The format of Academic Records made it easy for their admission department to see exactly what she had taken and how she performed.


            It was easy to note on the transcript classes that were dual-enrollment.  You can also create your own word document in the blank area to put SAT scores, immunization records, or athletic awards.  I could have created a document on my own that would duplicate what Academic Records does, but for the small fee each year it would not be worth my time.  In addition, it would not have done even a small portion of what was available through Academic Records.


            Through the college admission process I had a few questions.  When they arose the technical support I received through Academic Records was thorough and timely.  Would I use them again?  You had better believe it.  For the cost and quality, you can not beat Academic Records to manage your student’s educational achievement.


            Tammy White Med.